• Henrik Lehm

    Henrik Lehm

  • Ebbe Gehl & Søren Nissen

    Ebbe Gehl & Søren Nissen

  • Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

    Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl


Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl are both originally trained as cabinetmakers from Rud Rasmussen's Snedkerier in Copenhagen. Then, they also both studied furniture architecture from the Copenhagen School of Decorative Arts.

Since 1970, they have worked together in the creative and productive companionship called Nissen & Gehl mdd. Their partnership has led to the creation of Naver Collection, where they have developed and designed most the furniture at Naver Collection since 1994.
Their style has renewed the Danish design tradition, and over the years, they have received numerous awards for their unique and functional designs, which have also brought them international recognition.



Henrik Lehm, 1965


Henrik Lehm, is one of the new Danish designers on his way to international recognition in the field of modern furniture design.

Lehm graduated in 1994 as a civil engineer in architecture and design from the university of Aalborg Denmark. In 2003 this was combined with the study of international branding and marketing.

In Henrik Lehm’s work the Danish tradition of furniture design is continued in a well-balanced combination with international industrial design. One of his specialities is the design of modern chairs, combined with the very best of seating comfort, where as some of the chairs are already recognised as coming classics.

Lehm’s main source of inspiration is modern technology in general, and nature's superior way of designing and colouring.



Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen is originally trained as a cabinetmaker (1986) and designer from the Danish School of Design (1990). With a love for the Scandinavian design tradition and a starting point in a bright and light design universe, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen explores the potential of the material and challenges the technology behind the production. This has among other things resulted in the creation of AK1020 Turning Boxes, which has achieved international attention and recognition for its sculptural and innovative expressions.


Susanne Grønlund


Susanne Grønlund is actually educated textile designer and had previously among other worked with children. Therefore, in her work, Susanne Grønlund prioritizes - in addition to the purely aesthetic qualities - the considerations of any furniture, including design, ergonomics, materials and surfaces. Eg. a chair should be good to sit in and nice to grab and a table must be designed to make room for the legs and room for guests. Susanne Grønlund has throughout the years been responsible for designing and developing a selection of furniture and other design products and has received a number of internationally recognized design awards such as: 3x RedBot Award, 4xNorwegian Design Council Design Prize, 2xGood Design Award (USA), German Design Award and Gold Award.