Nissen & Gehl MDD.

Since 1970, Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl have worked together in the creative and productive company Nissen & Gehl MDD.

“It’s not only the journey itself that I enjoy, but all the challenges that await out there” – Ebbe Gehl.

The design duo’s style has helped to renew Danish design, and over the years they have received a number of awards for their unique and functional design, which has also earned them international recognition.

"The beautiful surface and unique properties of wood are at the heart of the design process. A process where visions, materials and function are brought together in an aesthetic and unique design expression, where the wood's fine structure is emphasized, among other things. by creating a refined contrast between materials such as steel, glass or corian."

The design dou, Nissen & Gehl MDD, on their design process and philosophy.