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Nissen & Gehl MDD.

Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl are both edducated cabinetmakers from Rud Rasmussen’s Joinery in Copenhagen, and then as furniture architects from the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. Since 1970, they have worked together in the creative and productive company Nissen & Gehl mdd.

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Henrik Lehm

Henrik Lehm is one of the new Danish designers who is on his way to international recognition for modern furniture design. In 1994, Lehm completed his master’s degree in architecture and design from Aalborg University. In 2003, this edducation was supplemented with studies in international branding and marketing. In Henrik Lehm’s work, the Danish furniture design tradition is continued in a well-balanced combination with international and industrial design.

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Designer Henrik Lehm

Susanne Grønlund

Over the years, Susanne Grønlund has been responsible for the design and development of a selection of furniture and other design products and has received a number of internationally recognized design awards such as: 3x RedDot Award, 4xNorwegian Design Council Design Award, 2xGood Design Award (USA), German Design Award and Gold Award.

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Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen was originally edducated as a cabinetmaker (1986) and a designer from the Danish School of Design (1990). With a preference for the Scandinavian design tradition and a starting point in a bright and light design universe, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen explores the potential of the materials and challenges the technology behind the production.

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Gehl & Møller

Stine Gehl is a furniture and industrial designer from the Danish Design School. Anne Møller has a Bachelor’s degree in furniture design from VIA University College.

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