• cabinetmaker_history
  • Jørgen Kjersgaard & Henning Jørgensen

    Jørgen Kjersgaard
    Master Cabinetmaker
    Aksel Kjersgaard A/S, founded 1952
    Henning Jørgensen
    Master Cabinetmaker
    Gramrode Møbelfabrik A/S, founded 1924

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Naver Collection was founded in 1995 with a desire to create a complete and up-to-date furniture collection with respect for the traditional cabinet maker handcraft. Designers and architects were carefully selected to form the furniture line. To manufacture furniture in solid wood requires great precision and professional abilities, and the producers – Aksel Kjersgaard and Gramrode Møbelfabrik – took up the challenge together. Today Naver Collection is a unique brand, which takes pride in the handcraft down to the smallest detail. The close, creative and completely unique collaboration between architects, designers, factories and sales creates a furniture collection that is in constant, inspiring development.

100 % uncompromising, Danish cabinet maker art
When you choose a piece of furniture from the Naver Collection, you can be 100% sure that nothing has been left to chance. In the whole process – from the very first sketch to the finished manufactured furniture – is every dimension thought out, we take pride in even the smallest detail.
The solid wood will be selected with great care, and then dried, so that the right moisture content can be ensured. The wood will be sorted, so that the color and structure fit together in each piece of furniture. The furniture will be produced on high-end machines, but always according to classical principles. Every single detail in all the furniture will be carefully done and all parts are finally polished and finished by hand. Continuous quality control ensures that the furniture from the Naver Collection is not only beautiful to look at, but also can stand up to wear and tear for many years.